Tell us about your career to date. Over the past 20 years, I’ve experienced it all – standing on the podium holding shiny things, working on my goth-tan by spending endless hours in edit suites, speaking at conferences, running ADMA Idols for a few years, and coming up with cut-through campaigns. Highlights include creating a life-size augmented reality Audi Q5, surprising CEOs with a custom-made surfboard for Tourism Australia and channelling Kanye West for the gritty NRL launch TVC last year.

Industry wide, what work has excited you recently? The “Like a girl” campaign, which delivers a fundamental truth in a surprising way. Love that our industry has the power to create social change as well as delivering real results for businesses and their products.

Who or what inspires you? I’m inspired by Japanese Shokunin and their dedication to their craft and pride in creating even the smallest piece of sushi. They’re always striving for perfection, searching for the right ingredients and honing their mastery through constant practice. The same goes for creative – the ingredients may be different and customers’ tastes vary, but a quality product never fails to impress.

How do you stay up to date with the industry’s best work, trends and culturally relevant news? I’m a prolific Instagrammer, social follower and blog reader. And of course, I spend a significant amount of pub time catching up with my adver-buddies.

What do you think the major challenges are going to be for agencies in the next 2-5 years? The big challenge is keeping true to the core idea when campaigns stretch across multiple touchpoints. It’s also about being able to create a bigger impact with smaller budgets.

In what ways do you think the industry can change for the better? The industry is always evolving. When I first hit the ad world, the internet was in the early stages, and print and TV were king. Now the diverse way we connect has opened up endless opportunities for innovation and cut-through. The industry needs to keep evolving and move into more of a collaboration model where creative hubs take briefs into new and surprising places.


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