The Financial Industry Community Aid Program (FICAP) was established in 2006 by a committee of finance professionals to provide a way for the industry to could give back to the community. 

Since inception the program has supported three youth focused charities and the aim is to raise as much money as possible to benefit young disadvantaged Aussies and their families. The money is raised through sponsorship and an annual industry event ‘Who wants to be a Rockstar’. Singers from the sponsored companies battle it out for the Rockstar title. The event has grown year on year and it’s no surprise that since inception FICAP has raised over $1 million for their charities. 

PURE is proud to be a pro-bono partner and contribute to this great organisation. In 2016, we refreshed FICAP's branding and built a new website to mark their 10 year anniversary and bring to life the positive contribution FICAP is making to the community. The new look and tag line ‘Raising a brighter future’ was unveiled at a sponsors event earlier this year.

2016 has been FICAP's biggest year of sponsorship and PURE are very proud to have contributed to the success and look forward to successful years to come.