An inspiring new website

An inspiring new website

This week we launched Spire Capital's sophisticated new website.

Highlighting the team's experience and abillity to connect the optimum investment opportunities across the globe.

Using a modern, clean design and simple navigation makes for a seamless user experience.

The new site is a testiment to the quality of the Spire Capital offering.

Check out the new Spire Capital site here.

New UniSuper campaign looks back to look forward

New UniSuper campaign looks back to look forward

The launch of our new UniSuper campaign has been an exciting time here at Pure. It was lots of fun choosing and working with real UniSuper members to star in the rebranding, which features vintage photos of members from their younger days alongside photos of them as high achieving academics and university executives.

The campaign’s proposition of “You’ve come a long way” celebrates how far members have come in life, just as their super fund has – with its high performance and member focus making all the difference to people’s futures.

Not only are UniSuper members loving the new campaign and the human stories it’s bringing to life, but news of the launch has been headlined in the media:

Campaign Brief Article

B&T Article

Mumbrella Article

UniSuper’s standout performance over the years, due in part to its internal investment management – a point highlighted by the new campaign, has also been noticed in a glowing article by the Sydney Morning Herald

Check out the new campaign here.

Winner, winner champagne dinner

Winner, winner champagne dinner

We had a wonderful night celebrating the past year with our clients. So many were up for awards and it was an honour to see nominations in so many categories.

We won twice with Digital Campaign of the Year for Allan Gray, and Website of the Year for the new Qualitas site. Congratulations to Chris Inifer from Allan Gray winning Executive of the Year - Dirstibution too.

It's been a bumper year for Pure and thanks to all the team who worked so hard to make us so successful.

What a fantastic evening and an excellent opportunity for us all to have a drink or three and catch up with clients new and old. Cheers.

8 nominations for Pure in the 2019 Max Awards

8 nominations for Pure in the 2019 Max Awards

We've put the champagne on ice in preparation for a big night at the 2019 MAX (Marketing, Advertising and Sales Excellence Awards) 2019 on 14 June.

As well as being nominated for Integrated Campaign of the Year for several of our brand campaigns, we’re also excited to be nominated for the second year in a row for the MAX Creative Agency of the Year – an accolade we were delighted to win in 2018.

Being financial services specialists, it means a lot to be recognised for our creativity in an industry that doesn’t always make it easy to push innovative ideas when it comes to marketing.

Congratulations also to our clients Allan Gray, Qualitas and Flinders Investment Partners for their nominations across various categories.

We look forward to seeing you all at the MAX Awards, where we can celebrate another great year together.

Pure party on with the rockstars at FICAP

Pure party on with the rockstars at FICAP

March saw the Pure team busting a move at the annual “Who wants to be a RockStar” event hosted by FICAP (Financial Industry Community Aid Program).

The night is a chance for both established and wannabe musicians from FICAP sponsors to take centre stage and compete for the illustrious RockStar awards. As one of FICAP’s major fundraising events, “Who wants to be a RockStar” has had FICAP supporters kicking up their heels since 2006.

With FICAP’s goal being to support ill and disadvantaged young people and their families, money raised on the night went towards Learning Links and the Starlight Children's Foundation.

It was such a fun night for a fabulous cause. Our congratulations go to the FICAP team for putting on another wonderful event.

Super new business win

Super new business win

Pure is excited to welcome UniSuper – a fund that’s dedicated to people working in Australian universities and research, and one of Australia’s largest super funds.

The win comes at a time when super funds are facing massive upheaval due to the banking royal commission and Productivity Commission report, as well as ever-changing legislation.

As a team that’s on top of the financial industry’s ins and outs, Pure is well placed to help UniSuper navigate the various challenges and opportunities.

With a new brand campaign being the first creative cab off the rank, we we’re already working closely with the UniSuper team to deliver some exciting new work that brings even more life and relevance to this well-established brand.

New Dixon Advisory Campaign launch

New Dixon Advisory Campaign launch

Tomorrow marks the launch of our new 'Confidence' campaign for Dixon Advisory. For those who are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility and changing laws in superannuation, this creative direction demonstrates how Dixon Advisory can help them feel more confident about their future. Using real Dixon clients and shot locally, this campaign is sure to make an impact.

Stephen Sun joins the team

Stephen Sun joins the team

Pure is delighted that Stephen Sun has joined us as Account Manager. As a retail marketing gun who has the talent to match his energy, Stephen’s brought extra capability and positivity to the team, so let’s see what he’s got to say.

How has your retail advertising experience set you up for what we do at Pure?

Retail advertising is very transactional, reactive and fast paced. We’re always responding to competitor activity so our messaging needs to be simple and compelling. By necessity, account managers need to balance nimbleness with agency process and missing deadlines is not an option.

Having worked on ALDI, what can other clients learn from their success?

ALDI is a challenger brand in a market dominated by Coles and Woolworths and therefore they needed to be irreverent with their messaging to get cut through. They were unafraid of pushing boundaries and their creative in market was always brave and tongue-in-cheek. While supermarkets might seem very different to finance, being human, keeping things fresh and connecting with customers remains the same.

Have you ever thought a campaign wouldn’t make a deadline?

While working with the Australian Electoral Commission in 2016, the government called a snap election but didn’t confirm the polling date until the weekend before. The account service team was left scrambling trying to find resources to despatch ads to national publishers. Not wanting to have to explain any mishaps to AEC officials, I’m proud to have been part of the team that despatched over 900 print ads in 6 hours.

Can it be hard balancing client needs with the creatives’ desire to push an idea?

While balancing different priorities can be challenging at times, the Pure agency’s focus on results and working collaboratively with clients makes it easier to align these two things. That means being passionate advocates for the creative, while also treating the client’s goals as imperative. Key to adding value as an account manager and enjoying the job is helping clients see the benefits of pushing creativity while keeping creatives aware of business realities and objectives.

Meet our new GAD, Sabrina Antoniou

Meet our new GAD, Sabrina Antoniou

We’re super excited to have Sabrina Antoniou join the Pure team as Group Account Director. As an expert hand in many high profile Sydney agencies for over two decades, she’s got oodles of experience, and more than a few stories to share.

You’ve done a lot in your 20+ years in advertising. What are the highlights? Funniest story: As a young account exec working on the Bega Cheese account, I was up against a killer TVC deadline. CAD had rejected our claim that Bega was 'Australia's favourite tasty cheese'. As a result, I had to stand on the main street of North Sydney for three hours with a tray of Bega cheese cubes and coerce everyone who took one to say that it was, indeed, their favourite.

Proudest moment: Working on the Fusian Noodles campaign for MercerBell, which won eight international awards and was the most awarded campaign in the agency's history. This success followed a precarious start, because we had used footage from a vintage martial arts film, and we had to track down and get talent release forms from people all over mainland China who had starred in the film nearly 50 years ago. It very nearly didn't go ahead, but for the team's belief in the idea.

Brush with fame: Launching the Virgin MasterCard and dancing the night away with Richard Branson. What are your priorities as Group Account Director? • To understand my clients’ businesses as well as they do. • To earn their trust. • To never present clients with an idea that I'm not proud of. • To make them smile. • To work as hard as they do, as a true member of their team.

How do you think clients’ needs have changed in recent years?

These days, there’s just so much more noise to cut through. And it’s not only from brands themselves.

Consumers are taking ownership of the conversation, which means reputations can be sealed before a single ad goes to air.

Brands are being experienced through so many different mediums, and the consumer demand for seamlessness in these interactions means we have to work harder to connect authentically with our audience across every touch point.

What attracted you to Pure, having been at both digital and social agencies?

I like the fact that Pure is a tight-knit and nimble senior team. Being a smaller independent agency, it’s a chance to get back to the genesis of the brand and the idea.

As a specialist agency, it’s also an opportunity to put to good use my long history of experience on financial services.

By joining a team with such high creative standards, I feel like I have the chance to create work that stands out in a category that’s often thought of as bland, and makes a real difference to clients’ businesses. And that makes it all worthwhile.



Congratulations to our PURE Creative Gingerbread decorating champions. We have had an avalanche of entries in our Pure Creative gingerbread decorating comp. The most hilarious and imaginative entries were made by Stephanie Antonis from Financial Standard, Belinda White from Qualitas and Justine DeMestre from First State Super and they are our wonderful winners. The elves are rushing giant gingerbread men to them lickity split! The Pure Anticipation Christmas countdown ends today, see you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Pure Elves

We are B&T Outdoor Campaign Finalists

We are B&T Outdoor Campaign Finalists

We are very happy to be a finalist in the B&T Outdoor campaign of the year 2018 with our Allan Gray Potential Pursued campaign.

We would also like to congratulate all the other finalists on their nominations.

See the work



It’s been all systems go in the Pure office as we launch Qualitas’ stunning new website – a site that needed to convey the impressive credentials of this highly successful real estate investment specialist.

As part of a major rebranding campaign for Qualitas, the unveiling is timed to coincide with the IPO of the much-anticipated Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund – the most recent Qualitas fund to be listed on the ASX.

With a sophisticated, high-end design and state-of-the-art UX, the website raises the bar in terms of financial services marketing experiences.

Visit the site here

Flinders Exactitude launch

Flinders Exactitude launch

This campaign raises the profile of Flinders as a high-caliber team of small cap specialists in an unexpected and sophisticated way. Exactitude helps us explain how we identify the best opportunities, how we minimise risk and work as a team to deliver strong returns.



It takes time for a creative solution to take shape, from the initial spark of an idea to crystallisation of the concept and the finessing of the final visual.

Here’s how we brought MCP’s offering to life in a way that did justice to their innovative collection of corporate lending investment opportunities.

By working with our talented retoucher, complex 3D rendering allowed diverse objects to be consolidated into a single, sculptural image with photo-real impact.

Looking back at the way this idea evolved, the key takeout is to be open to creativity, and investing a little time and money (relax, we’re not talking big budgets here) in pushing an idea a bit further.

Steering clear of the clichés so often seen in financial advertising, the finished product demonstrates that innovation in financial services – and the way it’s marketed – is alive and well. And can make all the difference in getting the cut-through you’re after.

The Pure Agency wins MAX Creative Agency of the Year 2018

The Pure Agency wins MAX Creative Agency of the Year 2018

Last night at the 2018 MAX Awards, we were absolutely thrilled to win ‘Creative Agency of the Year’.

We are very proud of our Pure team - this is a fantastic endorsement from the financial services industry and demonstrates our commitment and passion to produce quality work.

We would like to thank our fabulous clients and suppliers who make our work possible. And we congratulate all the other winners and finalists.

Changing the game with Nigel Blythe Tinker

Changing the game with Nigel Blythe Tinker

Nigel is the Executive Chairman of VGW and we have been working closely with him since his move to Australia in February 2018.

As a well-known and highly respected figure, with over 30 years of success governing some of the worlds largest and most sucessful gaming companies.

Nigel made a name for himself as Chair of GVC; the world’s largest gaming company. GVC listed on the London AIM Stock Market in 2004 and is now valued at approx. €8 billion. Perhaps his greatest success however was the listing of gaming giant William Hill on the London Stock Exchange in 2002.

Now, all eyes are on Nigel since taking on the role at VGW in Australia and the imminent IPO for the company on the ASX coming this September.

The hunt is on, get cracking!

The hunt is on, get cracking!

Easter’s just around the corner. So here’s a little fun from us to egg you on. Our bunny’s basket is bursting and he’s hiding eggs all over our site for new and current clients. Jump on, hop to it and hunt for the treasure. Click on one before they disappear and an eggstravagant gift will soon be in your hot little paws. Happy hunting. From all the good eggs at The Pure Agency

Breakfast with the chief economists

Breakfast with the chief economists

Global finance was on the menu this morning as Margot and Justine attended the annual Chief Economists Forum in Sydney, where an impressive line-up of economists and strategists shared their insights on what we can expect for the year ahead.

In short, the global outlook may be more positive than previously thought.

With lots of change going on in the world – from the economic ramifications of Brexit to a burgeoning Chinese economy, increased volatility is a given. As a result, 2018 could be a year to stick to key fundamentals.

A recurring theme was the strong growth continuing in China, which many experts refer to as “the 4th Industrial Revolution” or “China 2.0”. With this growth comes higher earnings, which are driving consumption and domestic savings. These in turn are being invested back into the economy – meaning that while there’s significant debt being created, much of this debt is tied up in infrastructure and other tangible investments, making it more secure than debt that’s not asset-based.

So while (as usual) change is the only constant, shifting paradigms and new challenges mean more opportunities in the market for those who are ready to embrace them.



71% of millennials would rather visit their dentist than listen to their bank.1 Which is quite a big problem, seeing that by 2030, millennials will account for 53% of the population.

This generation are clearly disconnected with many of the old-school institutions and products they come across. They are not brand loyal, they think that all banks are the same, and most are open to switching banks depending on what’s on offer.

Riding the wave of changing attitudes is a range of new players – entering the market and shaking it up in a way that’s threatening traditional banking models. These include retailers, telcos, fintechs and technology giants.

Their approach is to disrupt what has long been a very conservative industry by taking cues from other digital innovators such as Uber, Amazon and Airbnb. These brands understand their customers, speak their language and give them what they want – all built around a seamless and satisfying digital experience that delivers new levels of service, speed and convenience.

33% of millennials believe they won’t even need a bank within the next five years.1 This is a pretty alarming statistic and shows that banks need to act quickly to retain and acquire further millennials.

Connecting with the always-on generation

For millennials, technology isn’t just a part of life, it’s how they experience life. Never without their phone, they use mobile banking nearly three times more than other generations.2

Like all of us, millennials value their time and want to make every moment count. They want every task to be as simple as possible. Because of the brands they choose to interact with, millennials are used to a flawless customer experience and their digital expectations are high.

69% of millennials expect to see an application approved within an hour, 90% thought a response on the same day was acceptable and only 6% would be satisfied if approval took 3 days.3 When millennials communicate with their bank, 30% want to receive SMS alerts while 28% prefer push notifications through their app.3

Not surprisingly, financial institutions are realising they need to change the way banking is done, and not a minute too soon. Having an app that lets customers manage their money with just a few taps any time, anywhere is a given for everyday banking. But what banks really need to do is look at their overall offering and develop a unified and seamless experience that lets customers do as much as they can online in a few simple steps.

Adopting a millennial mindset to money

To show they really “get” millennials, financial institutions need to go much further than personalised communications. They need to understand this market, tap into their mindset and see what matters to them most when it comes to their money.

This generation is more financially insecure than other generations due to things like an increasingly part-time job market, student debt and rising property prices, coupled with an entrepreneurial approach to creating wealth. This in itself provides an opportunity to develop uniquely personalised experiences that will empower millennials to manage their money and save – whether it’s to walk the Great Wall of China or create a fulfilling future.

One area where millennial-centric marketing is making waves is in the Super space – with a new breed of tech-focused companies making headlines such as Spaceship, which attracted over 12,000 people in its first month and boasts a sign-up process that takes just 5 minutes. While Spaceship has differentiated itself well, this behaviour is still eye-opening, especially when the company has no track record as a super provider – something which would normally demand high levels of expertise and trust.

Other Super initiatives that have been developed to align more with millennial values include the launch of Future Super, which is Australia’s first fossil-free Super fund and Human Super, aimed just at women.

The “meh” generation will save us all

As millennials gradually take over the workforce, and the world, addressing their expectations and needs should be a priority for all financial institutions. This won’t only enhance the overall customer experience, increase retention and overall profitability, but make the way we engage with money better for us all. So what is your organisation doing to speak to millennials?



  1. Digital Banking Report, The Millennial Mind
  2. The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Study, Apprehensive millennials: seeking stability and opportunities in an uncertain world
  3. The Millennial Disruption Index

Written by: Margot Cotter-Melton I Managing Partner                                                                                                                                  For further information please contact  I 0418 421 043 I



The marriage equality vote result is a step in the right direction for all Australians. We at Pure support diversity and equality. Love is love.



Allan Gray is everywhere this week with the launch of our new "Potential.Attained" campaign in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We are very proud of our new campaign and a massive thank you to all involved including OMD, Vandal and Limehouse Creative.

Read all about it.


Campaign Brief



The Financial Industry Community Aid Program (FICAP) was established in 2006 by a committee of finance professionals to provide a way for the industry to could give back to the community. 

Since inception the program has supported three youth focused charities and the aim is to raise as much money as possible to benefit young disadvantaged Aussies and their families. The money is raised through sponsorship and an annual industry event ‘Who wants to be a Rockstar’. Singers from the sponsored companies battle it out for the Rockstar title. The event has grown year on year and it’s no surprise that since inception FICAP has raised over $1 million for their charities. 

PURE is proud to be a pro-bono partner and contribute to this great organisation. In 2016, we refreshed FICAP's branding and built a new website to mark their 10 year anniversary and bring to life the positive contribution FICAP is making to the community. The new look and tag line ‘Raising a brighter future’ was unveiled at a sponsors event earlier this year.

2016 has been FICAP's biggest year of sponsorship and PURE are very proud to have contributed to the success and look forward to successful years to come.



Tell us about your career to date. Over the past 20 years, I’ve experienced it all – standing on the podium holding shiny things, working on my goth-tan by spending endless hours in edit suites, speaking at conferences, running ADMA Idols for a few years, and coming up with cut-through campaigns. Highlights include creating a life-size augmented reality Audi Q5, surprising CEOs with a custom-made surfboard for Tourism Australia and channelling Kanye West for the gritty NRL launch TVC last year.

Industry wide, what work has excited you recently? The “Like a girl” campaign, which delivers a fundamental truth in a surprising way. Love that our industry has the power to create social change as well as delivering real results for businesses and their products.

Who or what inspires you? I’m inspired by Japanese Shokunin and their dedication to their craft and pride in creating even the smallest piece of sushi. They’re always striving for perfection, searching for the right ingredients and honing their mastery through constant practice. The same goes for creative – the ingredients may be different and customers’ tastes vary, but a quality product never fails to impress.

How do you stay up to date with the industry’s best work, trends and culturally relevant news? I’m a prolific Instagrammer, social follower and blog reader. And of course, I spend a significant amount of pub time catching up with my adver-buddies.

What do you think the major challenges are going to be for agencies in the next 2-5 years? The big challenge is keeping true to the core idea when campaigns stretch across multiple touchpoints. It’s also about being able to create a bigger impact with smaller budgets.

In what ways do you think the industry can change for the better? The industry is always evolving. When I first hit the ad world, the internet was in the early stages, and print and TV were king. Now the diverse way we connect has opened up endless opportunities for innovation and cut-through. The industry needs to keep evolving and move into more of a collaboration model where creative hubs take briefs into new and surprising places.


Campaign Brief:




These cool Ts are part of our campaign to promote TAL’s Female Excellence in Advice Award. Along with the rest of our “Changing futures together” movement. They’re designed to rally advisers to join together to address gender inequality and change things for the better. See the full campaign in the WORK section of the Pure site.



The Pure Agency were proud sponsors of the recent FICAP event, where we assisted in raising more than $200,000 for charities that benefit young people.



To celebrate the launch of Allan Gray’s new “animal” brand campaign, we created "owl towels" as a gift for staff.

People are more likely to divorce than change banks

People are more likely to divorce than change banks

Surprising as it may seem, people are more likely to get a divorce than dump their bank. This article flags that such loyalty doesn’t necessarily mean customers are happy with their bank, more how much of a hassle it is to switch. However new NPP and other technology may soon make the switch easier, presenting new opportunities for rivals of the big four.



The Pure Agency was delighted to welcome senior integrated creative Margo McWilliam in June this year.

A familiar face in many of Sydney’s top ad agencies, Margo has worked on countless blue-chip financial clients over the last 20 years, including ING DIRECT, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, St.George, AMP, American Express, HCF, Bupa and more.

Margo’s strength is in steering clear of the technical jargon and clichés that are common in financial communications to create simple, cut-through campaigns across every medium. Her experience is the perfect fit for a team focused on helping clients connect more meaningfully with both existing and prospective customers, in a way that translates into tangible results.



The Pure Agency is growing and on the move. We are now located on Level 15, 25 Bligh Street, Sydney, just a block from Martin Place.

Why we need a financial services-only agency

Why we need a financial services-only agency

Like most things in life when given the choice to seek the services of a specialist or a jack-of-all trades, most of us would go with the specialist. So we wanted to provide the industry with that choice. 

There are only a few agencies that have held big financial services accounts for long periods of time. Other agencies who are known for FMCG, automotive and retail dip in and out of the finance category. We felt there was a gap in the market and that clients could truly benefit from an agency that has proven credentials in the financial services industry. 

How are marketers getting more bang for their buck?

Australia's financial services marketers have learned a lot from our US and UK colleagues. With bigger markets and therefore bigger budgets, they have the ability to experiment more. Now that marketers have come to terms with the need to invest in big data and the real-time learnings gleaned from the digital channel, we are in a position to be smarter, giving us greater efficiencies with our spend.

Since the economic downturn, financial firms are demanding accountability and demonstrable return on their marketing spend. Direct marketing has always made this possible, but greater data capability and digital solutions now allow marketers to react quickly and dynamically to customer actions and market conditions.

Of course data continues to be a key driver of customer retention. It does this by demonstrating to customers that a brand understands their needs and can provide relevant, timely and often helpful information. 

Every campaign we work on is underpinned by a robust strategy. We identify any business issues along with barriers for consumers to gain the insights needed to find solutions to these barriers. This then determines our strategic approach and what tools will be required to achieve the desired outcomes. We not only interrogate current customer and behavioural data, we also look at what purchased data is available to enrich our insights and opportunities. We also assess if segmentation will drive a better outcome for our communications. Above all, we need to test and learn, so that we are always building knowledge while achieving our clients' desired outcomes and reducing wastage. 

How are marketers driving brand value?

The financial services industry has for the most part been very conservative with their marketing. However appetite is increasing for braver marketing strategies that really differentiate brands and make them more accessible to customers. The competition will only continue to grow, especially among superannuation brands, so marketers know they need to maintain growth to stay alive. Many of the logos and messages we see today are monotone. The lack of differentiation can make it harder for customers to connect with your brand. Brands that reach out and make a connection with consumers will always achieve results regardless of the spend put behind it.  

The Pure Agency is about finding ways to work with legal departments to keep the copy edgy; to not compromise the ideas as so often happens through lack of category understanding. We see this frequently among asset and wealth management brands that have meaningless and generic positioning that give the impression the brand doesn't stand for anything. Brands that are articulated with strong ideas do well. However the majority of marketers are preoccupied with tactical plays and lose sight of their longer-term goals.

What are the top 3 things marketers can do to improve?

Minimising wastage of resources, both internally and externally, is the first step for many firms. A straightforward way to do this is by developing smarter partnerships with appropriately skilled agencies and streamlining internal processes to minimise double handling.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is failing to cross-sell on the one hand or approaching customers in an undisciplined manner on the other. Brands don't just need style guidelines, they also need customer contact frameworks that put discipline around what messages are appropriate for different types of customers, how often they communicate and the manner in which they reach out to customers. Putting parameters around marketing touch-points and clearly prioritising messages can reduce costs and better target audiences. It also allows brands to build on a story rather than tactically shooting from the hip just because targets are not being met in a particular portfolio.

Lastly, in many instances brands have limited budgets yet still feel the need to advertise across all media platforms. This is destined to fail because each platform requires a properly targeted strategy. Clients should feel confident in picking a few platforms to focus on to maximise their acquisition and cross-sell tactics as part of a cohesive strategy that drives brands forward, helping them to differentiate.

Interview with Margot Cotter-Melton, Managing Partner of The Pure Agency.  Conducted by Leonie Phillips, Director at Thought Broker. 



Michael has over 20 years' integrated experience on both the client and agency side in campaign management, strategy and planning roles. Having held positions at 360, STW, Lavender, CBA and St George, he brings a wealth of skills and insights into segmentation, loyalty, behaviour change, digital strategy, campaign planning, CRM and data.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Michael on several occasions over the last 15 years, and am thrilled to be working with him again.

Michael is one of the most experienced direct planners in our industry. He always strives to breathe life into accepted thinking while pushing the boundaries. His strength is in developing strategies that are incredibly insightful and relevant to the target market, while recognising that the new, smarter economical customer is loyal to themselves rather than to brands.

With Michael as part of our talented team, The Pure Agency is even better equipped to provide our clients with leading-edge marketing strategies for the future.


Written by Margot Cotter-Melton, Managing Partner, The Pure Agency.



Looking at the financial services landscape in Australia, it’s clear that the majority of financial services organisations play it safe when it comes to branding and advertising.

But the fact is that playing it safe can actually be dangerous. Looking like your competitors, and making it hard for your customers to see the difference in your product offering, is not a smart use of your marketing dollars.

Using a metaphor from the financial industry, marketing is like an investment – to reap greater returns you may need to take greater risks. Here are some that could be worth taking:

Get creative

Customers are bombarded with so many messages these days that conventional often means forgettable. Nowhere is this more evident than in financial communications. While no one wants to be frivolous about something as serious as money, coming across as a human brand that ‘gets’ its customers and has a fun side can do wonders for cut-through.

Be a thought leader not a thought follower

Being ahead of the pack when it comes to what people are thinking and doing places you at the forefront of your industry. You show that you’re progressive, passionate and that your customers can trust you to be on top of the latest developments.

Try a new medium

While you don’t need to get on board every new technological fad, there’s something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and surprising customers in a new way every once in a while. You’ll stand out as an innovator, and your message will stand out too.

Put your money where your mouth is

Many companies say they’re into innovation, but when push comes to shove they choose the safe idea over the big idea. Put your trust in your agency, take a leap of faith sometimes and don’t let rounds of organisational and legal feedback water down a cracking idea.

Approaching things from a fresh perspective and taking calculated risks can help us step out of our habitual thinking and really engage with our customers.

When the risky call pays off

One of my favourite stories from when I first started in advertising is about a meeting with a major client – one of Australia’s top companies – about their new branding campaign. About 20 key stakeholders were assembled in the boardroom. The agency chairman started the meeting by making a call on speaker phone, while everyone waited. He was placed on hold for around 15 minutes, and as time ticked by, people were getting annoyed and frustrated, and about to walk out of the room.

The chairman then explained that he was calling the company’s customer service line and that on average customers have to wait for around 30 minutes before the call is answered. The client had no idea this was the case and was extremely grateful for the discovery. They could now put a plan in place to deal with the issue and make their customer service the best in the market.

This was of course a rather risky move for the agency but it would have been riskier not to have addressed this, as the future of the brand was at stake.

Isn't it time to start protecting the future of your brand by identifying how you can stand out from the crowd and connect more meaningfully with your customers? After all, the biggest risk may be never taking one.

Written by Margot Cotter-Melton, Managing Partner, The Pure Agency. 



After much research and hard work, we are very pleased to open our doors for business, and we thank all involved for making it happen.

In the financial services category there is a lot of noise and a lot of money spent, but a very conservative approach to motivating the audience.

At The Pure Agency, we help differentiate financial services brands to give them a competitive advantage.

Our team is an experienced one, and we are passionate about finance. Over many years, we have each worked with some of the world's leading financial institutions and we come to the table with all the big agency experience you will ever need, without getting bogged down in big agency protocols.

While we possess a wide range of skills, one thing we have in common is that we're strategic, commercially minded, results orientated and creative individuals who are flexible and collaborative in our approach. We talk with intelligence and honesty, and we listen with an open mind.

We are The Pure Agency, specialists in financial services communications